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Dr. David Jockers


     Dr. David Jockers is a doctor of natural medicine, functional nutritionist and corrective care chiropractor. He currently owns and operates Exodus Health Center in Kennesaw, Georgia. 

    He is a sought after speaker around the country on such topics as weight loss, brain health, functional exercise, natural detoxification and disease prevention.  Dr Jockers sees patients from all over the world at his clinic, Exodus Health Center, where he helps customize specific lifestyle plans to improve performance and live with less pain and more energy.

Dr. Pete Sulack

America's Leading Stress Expert

    A renowned author, speaker, doctor, and family man-- Dr. Pete Sulack has been featured on some of the biggest names in media for his expertise on managing stress effectively.

    After seeing many of his patients attempt to deal with stress in its various forms, Dr. Pete decided that enough was enough. That is when he began to formulate StressRX, a very precise, very effective, and very natural solution for everyday stress. He wanted to give his patients real hope for the future of their health and happiness.

Dr. Terry Harmon

Featured on Truth about Cancer

    Dr. Terry Harmon was called to bring his passion of helping others to Morganfield, Ky where he opened the doors to Chi Rho Chiropractic in 2003.

    The practice has evolved to include chiropractic care, functional medicine, cutting edge lab testing and advanced therapeutic modalities.

    Dr. Harmon believes that the cornerstone of health lies in empowering our patient community through education and knowledge.

 Dr. Ben Rall

Chief Wellness Officer

    Dr. Ben Rall ran 1000+ visit per week, all cash, family wellness practice in the Midwest.

   “His passion is paying forward by teaching the big idea, to those who have never heard it.” He proved that by consistently hosting 200-300 people in his monthly office lay lectures.

    He has traveled to several countries preaching, teaching and delivering TIC. He provided care to USA athletes at the 2012 Olympics, an experience that was truly rewarding. Along with his beautiful wife Megan, and 2 wonderful, subluxation free kids, Jack and Grace, he recently moved to the Atlanta area.

Dr. Pete Camiolo

Renowned DC & Speaker

    Dr. Pete is a chiropractic physician, business advisor, life coach, and speaker who brings a message of healing and alignment to both the personal and professional spaces, that is rarely addressed. He brings passion, precision, and the most cutting edge research to the issues that are most relevant to both entrepreneurs who are feeling trapped, bogged down and disempowered in business as well as anyone that is feeling disconnected at the soul level.

    Dr Pete speaks at events ranging in size from large global conferences to small specialized events and church retreats. He also engages in virtual events including online summits, podcasts, and live interviews.

Dr. Rosie Main

USA Team Doctor for USA Wrestling since 2009

   Dr. Rosie Main is the official Team Doctor for USA Wrestling, USA Weightlifting and USA Judo Teams.       She travels internationally and served as the chiropractor for the
USA Woman’s Wrestling Team at the 2012 London Olympics
& the 2016 Olympics in Rio helping these amazing women perform their best.

   She is an international speaker. However, the most notable characteristic about Dr. Rosie is her heart and passion for helping
people. She has suffered family health tragedies that she does not wish anyone else to
endure. Therefore she is on a mission to change the health and future health of her patients and the community.

Dr. George Curry


    Dr. George B. Curry is serving his second term as ICA’s President, the 18th doctor of chiropractic to hold that top office since ICA’s founding in 1926. He is a 1982 graduate of the Palmer College of Chiropractic in Davenport, and brings an impressive range of organizational and management skills, political insights, and clinical experience to his leadership position with ICA.

    He has been active throughout his chiropractic career in national and international chiropractic organizations including the Connecticut Chiropractic Council as well as the ICA. Committed to professional development and education in chiropractic, he has served as an Extended Faculty member for Palmer College, Logan College and The University of Bridgeport Chiropractic College. Practicing in Windsor, Connecticut Dr. Curry has also served outside the US performing chiropractic mission work in Poland, Haiti, the Dominican Republic, China, and India. Dr. Curry is a Diplomate in ICA’s Council on Applied Chiropractic Sciences, a member of the Legion of Chiropractic Philosophers, and a Distinguished Fellow of the ICA.

Dr. Matt Tonnos

Featured on Truth about Cancer

    Dr Matt has been practicing in Grimsby for over 18 years.  He and his wife Dr. Amy are deeply involved in the community with school, coaching and church and are more passionate now about family health than they have ever been.

    Dr Matt is passionate about staying on top of cutting edge health knowledge and helping people heal who have often been told that there’s nothing they can do.  Raising his family in a natural, vibrant way that respects food, movement and thought as ways to stay healthy is one of his best accomplishments. 

    Dr Matt is a true health visionary and sought after speaker often presenting at national conventions here in Canada and the United States. He believes that every person is made for a great purpose in this life and revels in the opportunity to help people of all ages.

Dr. Jay Torralba

Exodus Chiropractic

   Dr. Jay has a passion to raise a community and generation to live at their God-given potential through taking a proactive approach to their health. It is his joy to be an advocate to people and watch them walk in the abundance of health - body, soul and spirit. 

   Dr. Jay is originally from Toronto Canada where he later attended Canisius College in Buffalo, NY for his undergraduate education and baseball scholarship; and Life University in Atlanta, GA to earn his Doctor of Chiropractic degree.

   Prior to Chiropractic, Dr. Jay was an active athlete playing baseball and basketball at a competitive level. At a division I NCAA athletic level, he encountered many successes as well as adversities through injuries in his career. 

   Tired of the traditional way of ‘reactive’ health care, he found out there was a much better way to grow and promote health in the human body and what he learned changed his life forever and is determined to share this gift with everyone he encounters. 

   On top of being a health advocate and speaker, Dr. Jay is also active in music ministry within his church. He has traveled to share his message of hope and health with professional athletes, musicians and bands, as well as lead mission trips around the world. 





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"My wife and I have attended Dr. Pete's CE course for the last 4 years and we absolutely love it! We have referred over 20 other doctors to take the course as well. They all thanked us and said that this was the best CE course that they have ever been to in their lives. Dr. Pete is amazing and his CE course is life-changing."
Dr. Justin Moseley

"The neuroscience of stress: the physiology of disease, & the chiropractor's role as an essential healthcare provider"


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